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Lucy's Art Round-Up

Tattoo Ticket

Tattoo Ticket

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This 'Tattoo Ticket' is a way to support my work and show proof of my permission to your tattoo artist. I'm offering sliding scale pricing, so you can pay what you can or what you'd like! 🩷 

After purchasing this tattoo ticket, I will email you a hi-resolution image of the existing piece you are interested in getting tattooed to make sure you have everything you need!  Some of my pieces do not translate perfectly into tattoos, but I can send over linework and value maps to help your tattoo artist create your tattoo!

This tattoo ticket is eligible for ANY of my existing artwork, and is not limited to just my art that I have available on my website.

I am so honored you love my artwork and want to make it a permanent addition to your body! 🩷

*This is NOT a physical product* *This is NOT a commission for a custom piece*

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